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Bough me Alexander McQueen, he was keeping me stylish.


Bough me Alexander McQueen, he was keeping me stylish.

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londonerscalling: Today in umbro &amp; @oneboutiqueuk mesh shorts

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londonerscalling: Today in umbro & @oneboutiqueuk mesh shorts

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Our Style Crush spot this week goes to none other than the pint sized LA based stylist, Ann Marie Hoang, who first caught our eye with her sensational outfit posts on Instagram. Hoang’s “more is more” approach to fashion and her ability to integrate so many different mediums in to one outfit (tom boy infused with boho mixed with opulent luxury pieces) is what makes her so fascinating to watch. 


Trash Can Closet’s not the only one who seems to be crushing either, Hoang’s clientele list proves to be as eclectic as her wardrobe, she’s worked with everyone from Play Boy to our former style crush Lil Debbie.  Hoang is incapable of producing a dull moment and is definitely one to look out for. Follow her on Instagram and be sure to check out her website

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This is a short film by Australian DJ Ruby Rose, who was named one of the “25 Most Influential Gay and Lesbians in Australia”. In this short film Ruby explores the issues of gender roles and fluidity, and attempts to shows us that it’s not as black and white as society would have us to believe.


This video is so powerful and it spoke  to me for two very different reasons: One being the fact that I am a woman who’s in a very loving and committed same sex relationship, and the other reason being my love and dedication to fashion. Now someone might read this and think that the word “Fashion”  has no place in such a serious topic, and here’s why they’re wrong. 

There’s a lot of negativity that can some times circulate when someone expresses their love of fashion. Words like “vain” and  ”self absorbed” have a tendency of making their way in there, but what people fail to realize, is that fashion can truly change someone’s life. For some people a dress is the difference between feeling caged or having the ability to break free and showcase their true identity. This is especially the case with LGBTQ* people. Fashion is so much more than fabric and thread, It’s one of the most remarkably strong (and healthy) ways one can express themselves and it can act as a window in to someone’s soul. And there’s absolutely nothing shameful about that.

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The marble print has quickly grown in popularity and seems to be one of the most sought after prints of Summer/14. The print manages to deliver the perfect yin yang feel of regal and modernistic, balancing perfectly in between playful and extremely put together. 

Check out these fresh marble finds here, 1,2,

As well as this DIY marble nails tutorial here   

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My personal style taste has always leaned more towards the serious side when it’s come to fashion, I love my minimalism, neutrals calm me, and leather is a go to. But even I can’t look away from the ever enchanting mermaid trend. There’s such a magically freeing feeling that accompanies a starfish in your hair, and seashells on your feet. I mean even Queen B wants to be a mermaid.. 


“I’m always happy when I’m surrounded by water, I think I’m a Mermaid or I was a mermaid.” -Beyonce 

Check out some mermaid inspired pieces here 1,2,3

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The struggle to find swim wear that doesn’t seem impersonal and can truly match our inner style is real. Luckily Eugenie Grey shows us that all hope is not lost when it comes to bringing some serious personality back into the bikini. 

Shop Eugenie’s look below:

This Is A Love Song bikini (similar here and here). This Is A Love Song top. Dimepiece hat. Silver cuffs (similar here).

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The Met Gala is usually an annual event where the lucky ones get to spend $25,000 a ticket to prance around in spectacular and glamorous ensembles that leave the rest of us normzies drooling and slack jawed. 

Well apparently no one got the memo because this years gala was a greater tragedy than anything Shakespeare could've ever dug up. An absolute train wreck. The theme was Charles James: Beyond Fashion, but I’m pretty sure what a few celebs heard was Charles James: Disney Princesses on Meth, because thats the only thing that could explain Katie Holmes and her crumpled mustard yellow Marchesa gown (Belle is dying as I type this) and Sandra Lees horrific ode to Cinderella. Then there was poor sweet Shailene Woodley, looking like she borrowed this dress from an old women, who seeks shelter in the forest and forages for berries and magic shrooms. I cant. 

The entire night could easily be summed up into 70% atrocities, 20% Luke warm attempts (I.e. Cara Delevinge looking like shes about to go club hopping on a Friday night) and 10% home runs, including Rihanna who looked radiant in Stella McCartney, Blake who slayed in a blush Gucci gown, Dita Von Teese whose Zac Posen dress looked like it was actually painted on her hour glass frame and then (in my opinion) the Queen of the night Karolina Kurkova, who absolutely killed it in a beautiful over the top Marchesa masterpiece. To me this look absolutely embodied the magical surreal feeling of the met gala. This dress brought me back to life and almost made up for Lupita dressing up as a flapper peacock. almost. 

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